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Cuckolds Show Off Their Wives – The Forbidden Pictures

September 6th, 2012 · Uncategorized

Cuckold guys sure like to show off their wives and over on Cuckold Place there is a huge thread with dozens of pages of mens private wife pictures. Most of these look like the real thing and I don’t even know if the wives are aware that their husbands are doing this because sometimes the guys freak out and delete the pictures later. so you will want to hurry before that happens. Who knows maybe you will see your sister in law or the lady next door or maybe even post some pictures of your own wife.

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Sara Swirls – Black Stranger Creampie Surprise

February 9th, 2012 · Uncategorized

sara-swirls-black-stranger-creampie-surpriseSara and her hubby are walking around a near-by lake when Sara sees a hot looking black guy hanging around all by himself.
So she decides to make hubby drive her and the black stranger home, so her hungry pussy can get the pounding creampie that it needs!
Sara and her new boyfriend talk shit and humiliate her poor husband. Looks like She picked-up the right stranger this time!

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Evil Cuckold

May 5th, 2011 · Cuckold Videos

Evil Cuckold

Hey honey I’m Home…. Oh My God! What the fuck!
This is a hard working husbands worst nightmare.
An innocent man is coming home from work a little early to surprise his wife.
He walks in his front door, calls out to his dear wife on his way to the bedroom to look for her. Then all of a sudden he is the one getting the surprise of his life as he opens the bedroom door only to find his wife in bed with her legs wrapped around some big black guy. Her face buried in a pillow to muffle the sounds coming out of her. Crazy, animal like sounds that he had never heard a woman make before. Ever.
You would think that she would have some shame once she was caught but not this one. She laughs right in her husbands face. All the while this black guy keeps stroking his huge cock in and out of her pussy.
“Whats so funny!” her husband demanded.
She pointed at his crotch and laughed some more.
As he looked down in horror he could see the bump in the front of his pants that showed that his little dick was as hard as it has ever been.

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Cuckold Husband’s Embarrassing Secret

November 26th, 2010 · Cuckold Videos

Billy’s wife is packing for a big vacation and since her husband is so completely useless that he can’t even take care of himself, she has to pack for both of them. At least her new lover Wolf decided to come by and help her out.
Wolf notices that she is bringing a lot of lingerie and other sexy underwear. Thats when she tells him Billy’s dirty secret… He likes it when she forces him to wear womens panties.
Wolf laughs because he knew that her husband was a sissy but this was something that he would have to see to believe.
Billy was very humiliated  but surprisingly excited. In fact he had never been this excited before. His little dick was rock hard as his wife made him model some of the panties while her and Wolf laughed at him.
The lovers decide to have one more session before they leave but they keep Billy around because his mouth is going to come in handy when it comes time to lick Wolf’s big cock clean!

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Cuckold Enjoys Showing Off His Wife

August 23rd, 2010 · Cuckold Videos

When it come to cuckold videos sometimes I really think that I like the amateur videos the best.
You know, the ones with with bad lighting, poor sound, air conditioner noise and filmed by someone who is  obviously too excited to even remember to hold the camera still.
In the first of several hot amateur cuckold videos. This cuckold husband is proud to show off his big butt latina wife as she fucks several other men. She is very excited and one of the guys can’t even get his pants all the way off before she is on top of him, humping him like crazy.

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Candy Monroe Shows Me a Real Cock

August 13th, 2010 · cuckold humiliation, Cuckold Videos, interracial cuckold

I would give anything to fuck a woman as beautiful and sensual as Candy Monroe. To be able to slip my dick inside that amazing pussy while looking down at her gorgeous tits would make me so happy. Unfortunately she doesn’t fuck guys like me. You can see me in the video. I’m the white loser that she refuses to do anything with. She makes me keep my clothes on and tells me that she’s going to show me what a real cock looks like. Then she brings out a black dude with a huge cock and she cuckolds me. We’re in a weird relationship where she mostly makes fun of me and humiliates me and then fucks black guys. I love it and she loves it so it’s working for everyone. The dude really pounds her pussy too and that was pretty awesome to watch.

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Candy and the Cuckold Cageboy

April 24th, 2010 · cuckold humiliation, free cuckold videos, interracial cuckold

The combined dick sizes of all my cuckolds couldn’t even come close to the meat that my newest lover is packing in his shorts. I brought my cage out for the Cageboy because I thought the constant mocking of his small cock would make him a better man. Cageboy had a cock ring in his little dick. I guess it was so he could hang a weight on it to stretch his little wee wee so it would at least be average. Ace and I thought it would be funny if we fucked on top of the cage while white boy jerked his tiny dick. Before we were done cageboy had licked up quite a lot of ace’s hot cum. Cageboy still wishes he could fuck me and I can’t say I blame him. However, my pussy is for black cock only!!

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Diary of a Cheating Wife

April 13th, 2010 · cuckold humiliation, free cuckold videos, interracial cuckold

he wants a slut

Her husband told her he wanted her to be more of a slut.
So while he is at work she finds herself a couple of black guys with big fat cocks. She fucked them for over an hour and made this video for her husband.

This is a very exciting video as she talks to the camera about what a slut she has been while showing clips of just how nasty she was. I hope her husband can handle it.

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Harmony Needs a Real Man

December 14th, 2009 · cuckold creampie eating, Cuckold Videos

Her personal trainer explodes in her pussy and hubby slurps it all up.

Harmony is married to Freddy but she needs something more. So one day while she has her wimpy husband chained up to the bed she tells him that she has been having sexual fantasys about her personal trainer Frank and that she intended to carry them out. Although Freddy says that he is shocked by the idea, Harmony pesters him until he finally gives in. She tells him that she wants him to watch her get fucked and that he’ll have to lick her pussy after Frank has cum in it. Freddy tries to object, but when it comes to his wife, he just can’t say no!
When Freddy finally agrees, she drops his dick and climbs into a triumphant facesitting position. She smothers her husband under her pussy while letting him know what a loser she thinks he is. She does her fingernails while Freddy struggles for breath. Freddy whimpers in humiliating defeat as she calls up Frank to schedule a special appointment.

Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 9

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Fun With Hubbys Friend

November 11th, 2009 · Cuckold Videos, interracial cuckold

Cherry Poppens is back and this time she is hotter then ever as she sucks and fucks some big dicked friend of her husbands… While her husband films the whole thing. Her cuckold hubby must be a very understanding guy. Not only does he have the hottest girl around, he wants everybody to be happy and so he shares this beautiful woman with other men and then shares the videos with us.

Watch Fun With Hubbys Friend

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His Neighbors Wife – Cum on Her Face

October 16th, 2009 · Uncategorized

His neighbors wife is a freak that loves black cock.
Sometimes when her husband is asleep or at work she comes downstairs and sucks his big hard black cock. Watch as this
time he gives her a big facial and then sends her home with his load all over her face.

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His Neighbors Wife Gets a Big Facial

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